What do I need to know about the “miR-AGE” trial?

The study miR-AGE is being conducted in high-risk Covid-19 participants. This includes individuals with pre-existing conditions which are at higher-risk to develop the severe form of Covid-19. These conditions are: obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disease and/or are age 65 and older.

The study medication, ABX464, has already been studied for other indications in hundreds of other participants and may prevent the participants in the Covid-19 study from developing the severe form of disease.

Participants enrolled in the study will beassisted by a responsible physician who will explain the details of the study, what they need to doand who will take care of them during the treatment.


Who can participate?

If your test results are positive for Covid-19, you might be eligible participate in the study if you fall under one of the criteria below


(defined as BMI ≥ 30)

High Blood Pressure

Recent history of uncontrolled High Blood Pressure (SBP > 150 mm Hg DBP >100 mm Hg)


Treated diabetes (type I or II)

Cardiovascular Disease

History of ischemic cardiovascular disease


Older than 65 years

Why is the ABX464 therapeutic candidate promising to treat Covid-19?

Covid-19 is a respiratory illness that ranges from mild to severe symptoms. Usually, severe symptoms are more likely to be developed in patients who are part of the risk groups and currently there’s no coronavirus treatment available to avoid this escalation or treat those patients whose symptoms have already gone severe.

The medication is currently being studied for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases and has also been studied in participants with HIV. During these studies, the study medication showed three positive effects which are desirable to effectively treat participants with Covid-19 disease: Antiviral effect, Anti-inflammatory effect and Tissue repair effect.